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Why love is one of our most powerful needs in THE SANSE TRADITION.

Sanse Espiritismo is a system for being a space of light. 

In the days past people placed their faith in the healer and witch-doctor. He came from a tattered past and invoked kindness in the living and safe passage for the dying. Souls in “purgatory” could become elevated and therefor released from the abyss and into a new direction. From the dedication and ceremony of the priest arose a mystical art we now know today as Sanse. 

Here we are at the threshold of a new generation of mystic spiritual workers who call themselves practitioners, witches, mystic and priests. But, the dedication and need for love is missing from many of these peoples hearts. 

Love motivates mysteries to make an uncomfortable journey from the other realms into our presence, when this takes place, god/goddess manifests in the flesh of the practitioner for a brief moment of time in order to heal sick, make karma clear and resolve racism, classism and segregation. 

The most profound doctors of unity. Can you see how being anything other then in a state of forgiveness and light would have the practitioner be unable to carry the spirit realm apron their back? 

This talent to be a merchant of high will and light reflects poorly on the spiritist communities around the world today. They have no need for love in this manner any more because they think the grand gift is owed to them or handed to them any old way. 

Sanse teaches you to contain a light, let that light burn bright. This light must be handed to you by another, initiation is essential for the trials to begin. 

Initiation opens the doors to your trials being fodder for growth, without initiation you have not begun the journey and dedication to be carved into a being of love. 

Love can not be contained or owned, it flows through an individual and can be passes to another to ignite the light. When you hold onto it, it gets extinguished and dies. Initiation can not save you from your own greed, however it begins a journey of self discovery meant to be cast by the priest and endured by the initiate. 

You are not promised anything except for exactly what you need to overcome your inner most demonic snares and follies of your own human nature. 

Forgiveness is the key, but more importantly is for you to become strong in this power by engaging in a sweet plan by rite and fire. 

Peace from The Priestess. 

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