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Being a Student

My inspiration this month is Shamanism… I would like to inspire you.

You are the focus, you are learning, you will pay to receive and then take what you have learned and sell it.

I would like to inspire you to be a different kind of student. A Shamanic student.

I became a Shamanic student in the forth the grade. Since then I have never had any Shaman at any moment or time teach me to be a student of this nature. I have never been given a lesson directly, I have never undergone any ceremony or celebration knowing fully it’s job or purpose, and I have never been given a timeframe for my teachings.

I have sat silently in the corner while work was being done with no explanation for years and was expected to ask no questions. I have seen horrifyingly scary happenings and was given no reason why… I was expected to have full faith and trust at all times. I have been woken up in the middle of the night and taken out to who knows where with no reason as to why. I have had my will tested physically, emotional and psychically. I have undergone things I can not say for oaths I have taken.

I have loved each of my teachers dearly, feared them and respected them. Being asked to sit silently in observation is a gift, being given the rite and passages in ceremony is a gift, being a student means being present and awake.

See, it is not the timeframe a lesson comes to you like a clock ticking it’s way towards midnight. It is how long can you learn something over and over until you receive the real lesson.

This I will give you for free right now. The real lesson under each lesson is this, you must learn to do nothing, so you can do something right, then you must be refrained from providing it, so you can see that you have the key and it is not yours to give away.

Then you must have knowledge for many years before you are given the right to apply it, if you do, it will then be taken away from you. So you can see the truth, and that is, you are of no value, the client as well, the remedy as well and then you just might learn to be Shaman.

Unimportant, not valuable and silently sitting. Because we walk in the other world and nothing on this plane matters.

See, to be a Shaman you are always a student, you will always be quiet, poised, learning. If you are teaching, leading, selling, preaching, without being humble and under your teacher, we know you do not know the heart of the Mystery and therefor we know that you can not heal. In order to heal someone you must walk in the other realms taking this one as very unimportant.

Many Blessings and Love to my Teacher


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Being a Mambo

Being a Mambo

I am going to tell you a truth about the most secret and precious aspect of spirit work.

Every day I wake up and meet the new day by the side of my spirits, in the altar room with a cup of coffee and the soft candle light drawing in the new sun onto the sacred items I have for the spirits. I take a deep breath and feel the sunlight renewing my life force for this day, a day I am grateful for.

I open the prayers and listen to the whispering sounds of the chitter-chattering voices as they funnel through the veils of time to me. Deciphering the day’s work, readings, client needs and trainees’ problems. I open my mind and heart to the work ahead of me, performing the appropriate rituals for the day’s work.

I give readings, advise remedies, help loved ones and make spiritual baths. Come evening I will pray and protect myself and my family. Before I close down the magical work for the night, I make offerings to the spirits for their help.

In a day, I walk through the minds and hearts of so many. At nighttime I dream of everyone I am working for. Their pasts, their deepest fears, I will live their darkest secrets and feel what it is like to be them. This gives me compassion.

When the spirit needs to come through my body in possession to help someone, it feels like being dropped off a building. It can take up to three people to support me and several days to recover.

By the rite of the trail of spirits coming into our presence by passages performed daily for thousands of years, handed down from one magician to another in an unbroken chain, there is a line to the Divine and the spirits which follow.

As a channel, our duty is to perform the spirit’s will. Unwavering. Because we are working all the time, helping to elevate, clear and free people from the loneliest of places, we know darkness and we can see it everywhere.

Every day we wake up kissing the sunlight in the altar room, welcoming the voices that filter through. Those of us who are called to be spirit workers are proud of the spiritual path and all it has to offer.
This is our blessing, to live a life connecting to the Mysteries and our God.

May you be blessed as the Spirits and Mysteries walk with You. 

Priestess and Mambo Shoshana

 Supporting the Temple

People are always asking how they can support and help build the temple. This is a good question because when you support the temple you also support the spirits and they do give back. See, in the days of old, people would come into a temple and cook and clean for the Houngan and Mambo, this would give us the time we needed to perform our work, prepare our arsenal of supplies and offer ceremonies.

This connection and hands on training would build over time. The more you offered the more you would learn. Eventually you would develop an understanding of the spirit world and then were invited to perform mediumship for others. After some years you would be wise enough to help a priest or priestess in possession, a very important job!

During this period you would move from helping with the chores to mixing the herbs, making the lamps, collecting the foods for the spirits. By this time the spirits would begin to believe you respect them and they would start communicating directly with you. An asset to the temple you would have become.

It is my commitment to serve in the traditional ways. I myself moved 3000 miles to live next to my Papa for this reason. I gave everything I could and learned so much. Because of my dedication and service, I became a Mambo and Vodou Priestess.

Not everyone can make this kind of sacrifice for the spirits. But, here is a list of ways you can build your connection and serve in the community wherever you are:

  1. Take classes
  2. Become a member
  3. Send donation / supplies
  4. Come and spend time at the temple (we will put you to work)
  5. Tell others about the temple
  6. Know what we are doing. As a member you will be informed on work you can do during ceremonies that will benefit your life.

As always God Bless

Priestess Works Blog

A Warrior

In our tradition we battle. Life is not a simple exchange of energies. It is calculated. With each interaction, we choose to balance the natural forces for the evolution at hand. This calculation requires a complete awareness of all the natural spirits that comprise our spiritual frame, whether we like those spirits or not.

We cannot choose our spirits, they have already chosen us. It is our great work to balance them, including the waring spirits. If we deny this nature, it becomes intertwined with our karma and influences our life in a volatile manner. The only way to manage peace is to allow these spirits their will to battle.

Because our greatest wounds are protected by this energy, every time you come into contact with your most powerful waring spirits, it will seem like you are unleashing negativity. This negativity, though, is the very energy that would have protected you as a child. But, now this energy sits silently standing guard over these wounds. This is what we call unexalted energy.

Every person in adulthood needs to allow this power to come forth and move it from protecting the childhood wounds into a new formed expression. If not, the adult acts like a wounded child with a powerful under-evolved waring force protecting the wound.

The most powerful pain inside a human is guarded by this force. To move this energy requires you heal these wounds. Then except the warrior spirits you have. These spirits combined with healing will move your life forward. They will burst forward and clear all hidden blocks. They will open your heart and free your mind, unleashing free will, empowerment and wisdom. They are a guiding protection force no spiritual leader can be without.

Warrior energy is tempered through directing it towards your goals, your passions and your truths. This energy can be exalted, and when it is, no one can ever wound you. You will be protected, successful and passionate.

Shoshana Des Chenes, Healer Psychic Spiritualist