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Being a Student

My inspiration this month is Shamanism… I would like to inspire you.

You are the focus, you are learning, you will pay to receive and then take what you have learned and sell it.

I would like to inspire you to be a different kind of student. A Shamanic student.

I became a Shamanic student in the forth the grade. Since then I have never had any Shaman at any moment or time teach me to be a student of this nature. I have never been given a lesson directly, I have never undergone any ceremony or celebration knowing fully it’s job or purpose, and I have never been given a timeframe for my teachings.

I have sat silently in the corner while work was being done with no explanation for years and was expected to ask no questions. I have seen horrifyingly scary happenings and was given no reason why… I was expected to have full faith and trust at all times. I have been woken up in the middle of the night and taken out to who knows where with no reason as to why. I have had my will tested physically, emotional and psychically. I have undergone things I can not say for oaths I have taken.

I have loved each of my teachers dearly, feared them and respected them. Being asked to sit silently in observation is a gift, being given the rite and passages in ceremony is a gift, being a student means being present and awake.

See, it is not the timeframe a lesson comes to you like a clock ticking it’s way towards midnight. It is how long can you learn something over and over until you receive the real lesson.

This I will give you for free right now. The real lesson under each lesson is this, you must learn to do nothing, so you can do something right, then you must be refrained from providing it, so you can see that you have the key and it is not yours to give away.

Then you must have knowledge for many years before you are given the right to apply it, if you do, it will then be taken away from you. So you can see the truth, and that is, you are of no value, the client as well, the remedy as well and then you just might learn to be Shaman.

Unimportant, not valuable and silently sitting. Because we walk in the other world and nothing on this plane matters.

See, to be a Shaman you are always a student, you will always be quiet, poised, learning. If you are teaching, leading, selling, preaching, without being humble and under your teacher, we know you do not know the heart of the Mystery and therefor we know that you can not heal. In order to heal someone you must walk in the other realms taking this one as very unimportant.

Many Blessings and Love to my Teacher


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Celebrate the Soley Division

Summer Solstice

People have celebrated the summer solstice for over 4,000 years. Mega alters dedicated to the changing of seasons are located all over our world. In Europe, and India, in South America, and Nepal, in Australia, and Africa. Every culture gathers in ceremony to acknowledge the changing of season and the longest day of the year.

For us, in our beautiful Sanse tradition, we could use this day to celebrate the Soley Division – the Division of the Sun. We have less emphasis on the seasons themselves because Sanse is a tradition which is used day by day, calling on particular spirits for help in our daily needs. I feel this is a good opportunity to bring together the annual worship of the Sun and our own Sun Deity for a cool lesson in the art of spirit medicine.

We hear so much about the other aspects of spirituality and witchcraft, like the moon, our psyche, or casting intentions.

A less known and less worked with energy we use in Sanse Espiritismo is Sun Magic. In our tradition, we have seven groups of spirits. Within each group is a family of innumerable spirits. These 7 Divisions together complete the spiritual path, leading one on a journey from the 1st plane of earthly power, through each level of power, and entering the final 7th plane, the Soley Division. This final phase of enlightenment allows us to encounter oneness with the Divine.

We reach the Soley Division as our last challenge in human consciousness and human awareness. Our challenge here is to fortify and strengthen ourselves by casting away our notions of God, Goddess, our beliefs and projections of spiritual biases. When we step into this abyss, we encounter our final tests before reaching the radiance known as Grand Soley.

This requires facing our greatest fears, distinguishing between false guidance, illusions and truths. The Soleys do not enter into relationship with a practitioner until they are ready, and few rarely are. Why? Because we fear our greatest fears, it is pretty much that simple.

On the other side, we meet our beloved deity of the sun, Grand Soley. He is not as it would seam. What comes from this relationship is both simple and very rich. A sense of fertility, virility, warmth in the mind from wealth and prosperity. Power to heal illnesses – if you are a healer. A feeling of deep joy, and a blast of solar power difficult to describe.

Within the Soley family resides a small group of spirits we keep as a mystery until people are ready for those teachings. We cannot just hand this power over to people, it must be cultivated through succeeding with the other 6 Divisions. As my teacher Papa Hector Salva says, “A lot of people think they are connecting with the Sun Division, but few really are in contact with this family of spirits.”

As the solstice comes over our planet, let’s offer up one fear as an offering to the sunlight. One fear to our sacred sunlight as a way to invite this Earthy power into our hearts.


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Spirit Medicine recipe

First: Pour a glass of water at the break of day. Place it outside in the sun for a blessing.

Second: Take an orange and fill it with your hopes by holding it in your hands and praying over it. Place next to water.

Third: Write down on a piece of parchment paper the fear you want to face and overcome. Fold it, place it in a second glass of water next to the orange.

Fourth: Mindfully pray to the sunlight or Grand Soley for guidance and support. Let sit overnight.

The next morning say an opening prayer:

1. Take the water with the fear in it, holding the water up to the sun, call on the sunlight or Grand Soley. Ask him to remove this fear from your body and mind.

2. Pour out in a bush or beneath a tree. Ask the plant to absorb all the emotions of the fear for you. Offer the plant a gift for its work. This clears your body, mind and emotions. Next we will cleanse your spirit. 3. Open the orange with your fingers, squishing all the pulp and juice into a bowl. Say, “As I open this orange, so do I open my connection with the Sunlight or Grand Soley.”

4. Pour the blessed glass of water in with the orange juice and pulp.

5. Optional – add some fresh basil for a blessing.

6. Rub this all over your body. First neck down, then feet up. Use the orange as a tool to rub the juice on you. As you rub down, ask for all the things you want cleared from you to be cleared away. As you rub up, ask for all the blessings you want to come to you.

This cleanses and heals you as the sunlight pours over your skin through the blessed water and orange.

Remember this is not just power of positive thinking. You are acting in accordance and with a power in nature and calling on spirit to help heal and clear you. Be sacred, pray from your heart. Find time to continue to pray out loud thanking the spirit for the spirit medicine given to you every day.Have Fun!


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A Warrior

In our tradition we battle. Life is not a simple exchange of energies. It is calculated. With each interaction, we choose to balance the natural forces for the evolution at hand. This calculation requires a complete awareness of all the natural spirits that comprise our spiritual frame, whether we like those spirits or not.

We cannot choose our spirits, they have already chosen us. It is our great work to balance them, including the waring spirits. If we deny this nature, it becomes intertwined with our karma and influences our life in a volatile manner. The only way to manage peace is to allow these spirits their will to battle.

Because our greatest wounds are protected by this energy, every time you come into contact with your most powerful waring spirits, it will seem like you are unleashing negativity. This negativity, though, is the very energy that would have protected you as a child. But, now this energy sits silently standing guard over these wounds. This is what we call unexalted energy.

Every person in adulthood needs to allow this power to come forth and move it from protecting the childhood wounds into a new formed expression. If not, the adult acts like a wounded child with a powerful under-evolved waring force protecting the wound.

The most powerful pain inside a human is guarded by this force. To move this energy requires you heal these wounds. Then except the warrior spirits you have. These spirits combined with healing will move your life forward. They will burst forward and clear all hidden blocks. They will open your heart and free your mind, unleashing free will, empowerment and wisdom. They are a guiding protection force no spiritual leader can be without.

Warrior energy is tempered through directing it towards your goals, your passions and your truths. This energy can be exalted, and when it is, no one can ever wound you. You will be protected, successful and passionate.

Shoshana Des Chenes, Healer Psychic Spiritualist

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Working with the Spring

Three ways Spring can help you

It is Spring now as we have just passed the vernal equinox on March 20, 2013. As the energy in the Earth flows upward, we begin to wake up feeling this new energy reaching into our bodies. The way we connect to the life force is through the Earth.

Life force is the energy behind all matter, moving through every level of life, from element, to plant, to animal, to spirit, to mysteries, to Goddess, God, and the divine infinite.

This is the connecting factor, like dark matter, the life force is everywhere and nowhere all at once, pulsing in and out of time and moving throughout atoms and forming galaxies. On our planet this force can be increased and transferred into our bodies through touching the Earth in different ways.

Here are some simple ways to enhance the movement of life force in your body this Spring clearing the old, awakening the new, and reconnecting you.

1. Touch the Earth

By touching the ground, old stagnant energy can move out as new life force moves in. When we work with spirit, the offerings are always given to the trees, the rivers, the roads or the ground, because we must make actual contact with the power of nature to transfer our communication to the spirit realm.

If you need strength, go to a tree and talk. If you need new pathways, go to the roads. If you need clarity, the river. If you need love, go to the ocean. The mind is one of our most powerful tools when acting in accordance to the laws of spirit. These actions mentally shift patterned thinking into a complex symbiotic interaction with life force, necessary for belief. Without belief, magic is dust in the wind. Pour yourself into your environment and allow her to fill you with her magic. This is why we work as magicians, to reform our minds to become vessels for spirit, not determined by mind.

2. Rip something up

Get rid of the old feelings, emotions, energies, sorrows. Even happiness can be interchanged for new life force. Get a flower and rip it to shreds. Move hurt into the petals then throw it into the water so it flows away from you. Crush grain while talking about unresolved issues and let the frustration move into the work, grinding until your hands hurt. This will push the unresolved feelings into the grain. Then toss it to the wind and let the spirits resolve it for you. Use the forces you have in your environment to co-create with the spirit and with nature.

3. Plant

This is a good way to establish new dreams and ideas. Holding the intention of your thoughts as you dig and remove dirt from the ground. Watering the plant and taking care of the plant builds the belief in your intentions. This is good to do in the springtime because the life force gently returning to below will help build the strength in your intention and imbue the plant with power.

If all this does not help you, you can always receive help from a priestess or priest. This is what we are here for.


Shoshana Des Chenes, Sanse Vodou priestess

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