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Who we are, we are award winning spiritualists who help people
open their personal gifts. Recognized by member of congress for
helping to move history forward. Temple de la Luna gives you a strategic platform for professional
spiritual development.

Welcome Home – Sanse is a Caribbean tradition among many. In
these traditions there are distinct ways each operates. For
example, all are influenced by the belief in spirits, how and when
to work with the spirits will change with each tradition. Within the
Sanse tradition we consider spiritual development to be a process
of developing ones gift through a very clear and practical

Sanse is a tradition of progression focusing on making life better,
and manifesting goodness. Along with this focus comes the need
to cleanse and clear negativity. Make no mistake about it, Sanse
initiates are trained and initiated in the Mysteries to an extent that
most traditions do not teach their initiates to be.

Open the Roads
Cleanse and Clear
Overcome Traum, Depression, Isolation
Initiation is a triumph of the human spirit.

1. Regestration
You will receive immediate access to all of your classes from any
device anywhere.

2. Conference call
Monday at 12:00 EST. In this conference call we set aside time for
you to ask questions, connect with others, and receive guidance
and coaching.

3. Initiation ceremony
We come together for you to undergo one of the most powerful
and beautiful experiences of your life time.
This ceremony start you on a new spiritual path.
Opens up your natural gifts. Resets your life path.
Initiations are enjoyed by skilled practitioners and beginning

Welcome Home – Sanse Espiritismo
Priestess Shoshana