Balance your life life coaching from the Shamanic perspective.

In the beginning we are whole, as time goes by we lose parts of our true nature to success and commitments. We meet each day giving to a contracts to society rather than our nature. Today we find it more difficult to center ourselves on personal laws and values. These classes are for you to become more of who you are meant to be, connected and whole. 


Life coaching for your personal power and success.

We provide our students with a strategic education in complex spiritual knowledge with anatomy and physiology, mystical teachings, and body awareness inspired by sacred principles.

Achieve balance and confidence in shamanic principled education for personal awareness and success.

Receive comprehensive classes that will have you awaken, emerged and reconnect immediately.

Conscious living Coaching

10 Week Program


After ten weeks of classes, our students report having better relationships, breakthroughs in intimacy, improved sleeping patterns, increased happiness, reduction in the experience of anxiety and depression, and an overall accomplishment in their life goals.



10-Week Series:

We offer continuous 10 week series classes on conscious living. We are a hands on learning environment with over 40 years experience in healing and mystical practices that are real and will empower your journey in this life and beyond. 

First have a personal consultation for placement in one of our courses. 


Temple de la Luna

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conscious living?

Living consciously means being aware of your thoughts and of your actions, your habits, and your reactions. It means becoming more aware of what you are thinking and doing, instead of acting impulsively.

Will this be good for my life?

Yes. We feel that this is a safe and effective way of creating wealth, health and vitality in mind, body and spirit.

Who can attend?

All ages, cultures and genders benefit from conscious living.

What should I expect?

Soulful Shamanic and hermetic mystical teachings. Our classes include nutrition, medicine making, ceremonial arts and much more. The classes are hands on, rigorous, educational and fun.

I am shy, what should I do?

No problem! Everyone is shy at first. We are a friendly and supportive family of spirit workers. 

Will this help with personal empowerment?

Yes. You will receive a combination of ancient mysticism and modern philosophy’s that work together to bring you your goals.

I am an advanced spiritual practitioner, what can you offer me?

You will love learning new practices, meditations and being challenged like never before. We welcome your expertise and will guide you to the next level. 

What class should I take first?

Start with the Ten Week Curriculum. This will introduce you to the concepts and overview of how spirit works in conscious living.