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Being a Student

My inspiration this month is Shamanism… I would like to inspire you.

You are the focus, you are learning, you will pay to receive and then take what you have learned and sell it.

I would like to inspire you to be a different kind of student. A Shamanic student.

I became a Shamanic student in the forth the grade. Since then I have never had any Shaman at any moment or time teach me to be a student of this nature. I have never been given a lesson directly, I have never undergone any ceremony or celebration knowing fully it’s job or purpose, and I have never been given a timeframe for my teachings.

I have sat silently in the corner while work was being done with no explanation for years and was expected to ask no questions. I have seen horrifyingly scary happenings and was given no reason why… I was expected to have full faith and trust at all times. I have been woken up in the middle of the night and taken out to who knows where with no reason as to why. I have had my will tested physically, emotional and psychically. I have undergone things I can not say for oaths I have taken.

I have loved each of my teachers dearly, feared them and respected them. Being asked to sit silently in observation is a gift, being given the rite and passages in ceremony is a gift, being a student means being present and awake.

See, it is not the timeframe a lesson comes to you like a clock ticking it’s way towards midnight. It is how long can you learn something over and over until you receive the real lesson.

This I will give you for free right now. The real lesson under each lesson is this, you must learn to do nothing, so you can do something right, then you must be refrained from providing it, so you can see that you have the key and it is not yours to give away.

Then you must have knowledge for many years before you are given the right to apply it, if you do, it will then be taken away from you. So you can see the truth, and that is, you are of no value, the client as well, the remedy as well and then you just might learn to be Shaman.

Unimportant, not valuable and silently sitting. Because we walk in the other world and nothing on this plane matters.

See, to be a Shaman you are always a student, you will always be quiet, poised, learning. If you are teaching, leading, selling, preaching, without being humble and under your teacher, we know you do not know the heart of the Mystery and therefor we know that you can not heal. In order to heal someone you must walk in the other realms taking this one as very unimportant.

Many Blessings and Love to my Teacher


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A Warrior

In our tradition we battle. Life is not a simple exchange of energies. It is calculated. With each interaction, we choose to balance the natural forces for the evolution at hand. This calculation requires a complete awareness of all the natural spirits that comprise our spiritual frame, whether we like those spirits or not.

We cannot choose our spirits, they have already chosen us. It is our great work to balance them, including the waring spirits. If we deny this nature, it becomes intertwined with our karma and influences our life in a volatile manner. The only way to manage peace is to allow these spirits their will to battle.

Because our greatest wounds are protected by this energy, every time you come into contact with your most powerful waring spirits, it will seem like you are unleashing negativity. This negativity, though, is the very energy that would have protected you as a child. But, now this energy sits silently standing guard over these wounds. This is what we call unexalted energy.

Every person in adulthood needs to allow this power to come forth and move it from protecting the childhood wounds into a new formed expression. If not, the adult acts like a wounded child with a powerful under-evolved waring force protecting the wound.

The most powerful pain inside a human is guarded by this force. To move this energy requires you heal these wounds. Then except the warrior spirits you have. These spirits combined with healing will move your life forward. They will burst forward and clear all hidden blocks. They will open your heart and free your mind, unleashing free will, empowerment and wisdom. They are a guiding protection force no spiritual leader can be without.

Warrior energy is tempered through directing it towards your goals, your passions and your truths. This energy can be exalted, and when it is, no one can ever wound you. You will be protected, successful and passionate.

Shoshana Des Chenes, Healer Psychic Spiritualist

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Working with the Spring

Three ways Spring can help you

It is Spring now as we have just passed the vernal equinox on March 20, 2013. As the energy in the Earth flows upward, we begin to wake up feeling this new energy reaching into our bodies. The way we connect to the life force is through the Earth.

Life force is the energy behind all matter, moving through every level of life, from element, to plant, to animal, to spirit, to mysteries, to Goddess, God, and the divine infinite.

This is the connecting factor, like dark matter, the life force is everywhere and nowhere all at once, pulsing in and out of time and moving throughout atoms and forming galaxies. On our planet this force can be increased and transferred into our bodies through touching the Earth in different ways.

Here are some simple ways to enhance the movement of life force in your body this Spring clearing the old, awakening the new, and reconnecting you.

1. Touch the Earth

By touching the ground, old stagnant energy can move out as new life force moves in. When we work with spirit, the offerings are always given to the trees, the rivers, the roads or the ground, because we must make actual contact with the power of nature to transfer our communication to the spirit realm.

If you need strength, go to a tree and talk. If you need new pathways, go to the roads. If you need clarity, the river. If you need love, go to the ocean. The mind is one of our most powerful tools when acting in accordance to the laws of spirit. These actions mentally shift patterned thinking into a complex symbiotic interaction with life force, necessary for belief. Without belief, magic is dust in the wind. Pour yourself into your environment and allow her to fill you with her magic. This is why we work as magicians, to reform our minds to become vessels for spirit, not determined by mind.

2. Rip something up

Get rid of the old feelings, emotions, energies, sorrows. Even happiness can be interchanged for new life force. Get a flower and rip it to shreds. Move hurt into the petals then throw it into the water so it flows away from you. Crush grain while talking about unresolved issues and let the frustration move into the work, grinding until your hands hurt. This will push the unresolved feelings into the grain. Then toss it to the wind and let the spirits resolve it for you. Use the forces you have in your environment to co-create with the spirit and with nature.

3. Plant

This is a good way to establish new dreams and ideas. Holding the intention of your thoughts as you dig and remove dirt from the ground. Watering the plant and taking care of the plant builds the belief in your intentions. This is good to do in the springtime because the life force gently returning to below will help build the strength in your intention and imbue the plant with power.

If all this does not help you, you can always receive help from a priestess or priest. This is what we are here for.


Shoshana Des Chenes, Sanse Vodou priestess

Affiliate of the International Vodou Society


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Developing a Stronger Connection

Three things you can do to develop your connection.

1. Clear your space

Spirits are a frequency; they radiate a field and will attract to like energy fields. Because spirit is our access to divine nature, and nature’s access to us is spirit, it is essential you know, connect with, and hear the guidance of your spirits. Yes, you are not alone and can never be. You are made up of spirit and spirit is also made up of you. We are connected. Much like an energy circuit, the spirits’ purpose is served when they reach a destination and plug into a device to serve the device. Imagine an energy power plant. It is huge and if you tried to touch it you would die. So, the energy is filtered into main wires for distribution all over the city. These main wires are directed into smaller wires that go throughout your home and even smaller wires that make a wall jack. You can plug a device into the wall jack and receive an electrical current just for you to use.

The unlimited power drawn into the power plant is the divine nature. The power plant is raw nature energetic or pure spirit. The main wires are mysteries and allies, the energy current. The smaller wires are spirits and guides who serve the current in teeny tiny ways which can be utilized. These spirits and guides are able to transmit this infinite life force to you in a safe and useful way. They create the energy of a space.

Trying to plug directly into the power plant is a bad idea. This is one of the mistakes people on spiritual exploration often try to do. Your guides and spirits help communicate the great spirit’s nature to you in little ways that can heal and balance the mind, body and even soul. This process of creating a connection takes time and dedication.

Begin with creating a clear sacred space for these spirits and guides to find you. Light a candle to build heat to attract the guide, place items next to your candle that are sacred to you and charge the items by heating them up over the flame. Sage or incense the room to create an avenue for the spirits to see you. Wash the floor with herbs to honor the guides. Throw salt to wick up old stale energy. REMOVE CLUTTER from your home! Negativity resides in clutter. Clear, clear, clear.

2. Raise the energy

A clear space is cool but will fill back up with commonality immediately unless the energy is elevated. Elevating the energy will help give you a place of calmness and sanctuary to be in while connecting. This is important for clearing your mind, resting your heart and relaxing your body. If you have heard this before, so what, try it again. This time do it right. Ring bells from the floor up to elevate the sound frequency. Sound is energy, you must move sound up to elevate the space. Bring water in. Water conducts electricity and neutralizes the electromagnetic field. Either sprinkle sacred water, pour a bowl of water or use a fountain. Regular water will get mucked up with energy fast; it must be spiritually purified for the elevating to work.

Lastly pray out loud to bring in life force to elevate the space. If you know how to bring in the life force, then do. If not, prayer is a good start. Prayer must be out loud; the spirit needs to hear your sound frequency. Spirit does not like begging, pleading or pussyfooting. Be straight, direct, command!

3. Contain the space

Now you can stabilize the work you have done by containing the space. Do this by creating a field. Here are a couple of good ways to do so. Place four items, one in each corner of the room, to hold the energy. These items will need to be cleared from time to time by being soaked in salt water. I personally like creating a circle encompassing the space. This can be done with salt, herbs, cornmeal or any other grain, mineral or herb. Find something you have an affinity for. These items have been used for thousands of years and they work! Every time you clear and elevate the energy, it builds on the previous work you have done. Now, you are ready to bring the spirit to you. Listen, breath, relax, and focus on feeling the energy current.

If you notice this does not work for you, you probably have a negative spirit or entity sabotaging the work. To clear this requires the gifted and trained hand of a spirit worker. Do not be surprised by the number of untrained and non-initiated people advertising themselves as “spirit workers.” Utilize caution when hiring someone to help you. Find a person who gives you a bit of the heebee-geebeez, but who also seems sweet and kind. This means they know something you do not and it is hidden. That is a good sign. Spirit work is not all light and fluffy. There is a reason the mysteries, for thousand of years, where kept hidden and safe in temples away from manipulators and ego dwellers.

Clear your space, raise the energy and contain the space.These three things will enhance your connection with spirit.

Many blessings!

Priestess Shoshana Des Chenes