What is a psychic in Sense. How to develop your mediumship skills. Apply for Sanse Initiation


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What is a Psychic in the Sanse Tradition


Lwa and Archetypes

The Difference Between the Lwa and Archetypes 

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Amazing Interview Series You Can Not Miss


Inspirational Interview with Vodou Mambo


Mediumship Workshop

To discover more about Priestess works mediumship workshop, Houngan Hector discusses what the workshop offers to attendees.

To order recording of the 2 hour Meduimship Workshop Click here

10 Passages to Will course second year Mystery School spiritual programs

10 Passages to Will

2nd Year

Weekend Training Modules

Enjoy any Module in any order and go at your own pace.
Learn one step at a time and download your free class today.

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  • First Weekend  – Coaching by Element / Sanse 101

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  • Second Weekend – How the Spirit Realm Works

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  • Third Weekend – Advanced Divination

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  • Fourth Weekend – Espiritismo Coronation

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What you will learn in your Spirit Work curriculum

  • Build your power and business
  • Breakthrough client blocks
  • Mediumship skills that develop your personal gifts
  • How to read any situation
  • Secrets of divination that lead to success
  • How to support your clients success for real

    It is not every day a path to deepen your consciousness presents itself. Paths are found by way of dark and windy roads, usually less traveled. Sometimes it takes a torch to unveil the roads less traveled, and a guide to illuminate the way. Together we stand in the crossroads showing light from shadow, truth from falsehood and greatness from mediocrity.

    If you have traveled these roads and are looking for guidance from a wise council, you are invited to share this amazing year of mystery in a mediumship coaching program.


Papa Hector Salva of Salva Spiritual Supplies

Priestess Shoshana of Priestess Works LLC




Truth or Dare

What are your dreams?

I am going to tell you a truth about the most secret and precious aspect of spirit work.

Every day I wake up and meet the new day by the side of my spirits, in the altar room with a cup of coffee and the soft candle light drawing in the new sun onto the sacred items I have for the spirits. I take a deep breath and feel the sunlight renewing my life force for this day, a day I am grateful for.

I open the prayers and listen to the whispering sounds of the chitter-chattering voices as they funnel through the veils of time to me. Deciphering the day’s work, readings, client needs and trainees’ problems.

I open my mind and heart to the work ahead of me, performing the appropriate rituals for the day’s work.

I give readings, advise remedies, help loved ones and make spiritual baths.

Come evening I will pray and protect myself and my family. Before I close down the magical work for the night, I make offerings to the spirits for their help.

In a day, I walk through the minds and hearts of so many. At nighttime I dream of everyone I am working for. Their pasts, their deepest fears, I will live their darkest secrets and feel what it is like to be them. This gives me compassion.

When the spirit needs to come through my body in possession to help someone, it feels like being dropped off a building. It can take up to three people to support me and several days to recover.

By the rite of the trail of spirits coming into our presence by passages performed daily for thousands of years, handed down from one magician to another in an unbroken chain, there is a line to the Divine and the spirits which follow.

As a channel, our duty is to perform the spirit’s will. Unwavering. Because we are working all the time, helping to elevate, clear and free people from the loneliest of places, we know darkness and we can see it everywhere.

Every day we wake up kissing the sunlight in the altar room, welcoming the voices that filter through. Those of us who are called to be spirit workers are proud of the spiritual path and all it has to offer.

This is our blessing, to live a life connecting to the Mysteries and our God.

That’s my truth.

My Dare:
Reach for your dreams. Take the power of spiritual guidance and use it to recover from where you have fallen, to build a dream worth living. Give yourself hope by bonding with your gifts, talents and purpose.

Be someone who reaches deeper, into the shadows and the light. Spirits live, offering safe passage through.

With the right blessings, prayers and healing magic, anything is truly possible. Joy. Hope. Fulfillment.

Love and Blessings always,

Mama Shoshana
Guidance for your dreams? Meet us in person and be supported by the spirits.

Free Mediumship Gathering, Third Saturday Each Month.
February 21st at 2:00PM
111 Vassar Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


People make this work live

spiritual work successful and that is community. Community drives out negative doubts. Community brings together like-minded individuals to progress together. Spiritual Work requires a home to grow within, strong leaders, guides and people. Without people willing to learn, face challenges and push themselves to the next level, our beloved mysteries would have no home. People coming together to receive readings, and healing work are the foundations for any positive change.

So thank you for coming and blessing our new spiritual home in Half Moon Bay with the most precious gift you have to give, your presence. As always Peace and Blessings.

Mama Shoshana

Mediumship Gathering

If you missed our grand opening, no worries. We are hosting a monthly mediumship gathering. Receive free guidance from a table of highly trained mediums. Afterwards we will have a developmental group class for a small fee.