Answering a question about love

Lets play a game, send me a question and I will write an answer next blog.


The only question that I can think about is regarding love… and it’s haunting me, so I’ll ask this one: How does your spirit truly like to pick and be with a partner? The spirit can be confused in love by chords, karma to past lives, abusive cycles etc.

People think past life lover ties are so romantic and “deep” love, or another pull is an abusive relationship that fails over and over again. But, in our work, we would remove the ties and chords and false pulls, leaving clarity. The clarity might be that you don’t want to be with that person anymore, and the “love” isn’t there anymore, because it never really was, or you realized you were caught up in the wrong things. When magic is working, it’s left up to the spirits and what would be good for my spirit or his spirit. So, what would that be?


What is love? When we are in a relationship, the relationship serves a purpose. It’s purpose is to give you what you are needing to heal and develop in yourself. Like if you have to develop self trust, you can develop this self trust from being in a relationship that teaches you how to trust in yourself. This is love, when two people become a catalyst for health and growth.

The problem is, and there is a problem, people mistake giving their partner what they themselves need, hoping they will receive it back in return. This creates a payment system in the relationship. I gave you this, you owe me that. This is a problem for several reasons. 1. If you are giving your partner what you really need, you are unable to give them what they really need. 2. If you are giving your partner what you really need, you are not receiving what you need from them.

For example, Sally want’s to be more passionate with her lover, because Sally has freed up her passions through healing and inner work. She really needs to express her newfound freedom in love making. She begins to contemplate how to get her partner to be more fiery himself. She wants him to be a hot lover, sexy, dominant, and wanting her. She focuses on changing him and is disappointed that he hasn’t yet.

This is unfair. The guy loves her. He is used to treating her gently because this is what she needed from him prior to her healing work. She is trying to change him because she changed. Love is built through exploring ways of relaying, receiving and giving needs. This is the work of being in a relationship.

How magic fits in. Well, this is where it gets fun. Magic creates a way to have Sally’s man begin to desire the change. For example, magic can help Sally’s partner let go of how she was and to wake up to how she is now. This will give Sally more ability to express and receive her needs from him.

Good magic always moves people closer to their own truth. The magic wakes up his sleeping passion, helping him become more of who he really is. This is fun, magic can help the healing process. Healing does not have to be deep and hard. It actually can happen through enhancing the potential. Then it is up to him how he wants to respond. Magic communicates with the spirit directly to support love, loving, love making, love romancing and love seeking.

This is how it works. Healing plus magic equals actualization. Work it! Use your gift from the sprits of the life you are given to heal yourself, and use the gift of the spirits you are given to actualize your healing.

To work this magic on your own, take something you have been working on and ready to move into reality. Paint it, draw it, or create a symbol representing your need.
Spirit communicates through art and ritual. Place your art next to a candle and a glass of water. Ask your spirits to bring you what you have painted. Do this every day for three days. When you are done, toss the water outside. Take your painting and put it away until you receive what you asked for. When you do, gift your spirits something, like flowers or a sweet offering. You can hang up your painting if you want to remind you that you truly are co-creating your life.